ATA set to transform Australian public sector service delivery

ATA set to transform Australian public sector service delivery

In an Australian first, PPB Advisory has launched the Australasian Transformation Academy (ATA) to work with leaders and organisations across the government and non-government sectors building their capability to transform how public services are delivered.

The new venture will be launched in Sydney and Melbourne this week at industry events to be attended by leading government and non-government agencies.

The ATA is a strategic alliance between Australian-based professional services firm PPB Advisory and the UK based Public Service Transformation Academy (PSTA), a social enterprise that has designed and delivered development programs for all levels of UK public services.

Working with government and non-government agencies, the Academy will deliver a range of programs designed to help leaders involved in managing and delivering public services to explore new approaches and address they key issues and challenges they face with implementing them.

ATA Managing Director and PPB Advisory Government and Markets Leader, Adrian Renouf said: “We are pleased to launch the ATA to support those organisations at the coalface of delivering public services to build their capacity to lead and manage change, and to improve outcomes for citizens and communities.

“As governments increasingly seek new ways to deliver greater public value with diminishing resources and rising community expectations, there has been a shift from large, centralised, bureaucratic service delivery models towards greater customer-centricity, localisation and personalisation. Many public services are now also delivered via an extended network of government and non-government service providers.

“Most challenges facing public service providers have an underlying level of complexity, and the ATA has been established to support leaders and organisations to solve issues that require alternative thinking and approaches, including greater collaboration between agencies and with the non-government sector”.

The PSTA’s Chief Executive, Benjamin Taylor, said: “Having worked extensively to enhance public service delivery in the UK in areas including health and social services, criminal justice, and more there is an opportunity to leverage the good and the bad experiences from the UK and use these to develop local solutions in Australia.

“Together, PPB Advisory and the PSTA have worked with hundreds of leaders and managers across the government and non-government sectors to help them improve, reimagine and transform their organisations,” Mr Taylor added. “The ATA will therefore also be able to draw upon this combined body of knowledge and experience.”

About PPB Advisory

PPB Advisory is a leading management advisory and consulting firm, which operates across Australia and Singapore and is also part of a global alliance of independent management consulting firms called the Cordence Worldwide Network.

About the PSTA

The PSTA is a social enterprise and has been designing and delivering exceptional development programs for all levels of the UK civil service over several years.

It is led by public service consultants RedQuadrant, the Whitehall and Industry Group, and partner organisations who are thought leaders in commissioning. Like the Australasian Transformation Academy, it designs and delivers exceptional development programs to build capacity to transform public services.