Useful Resources

Embracing Innovation in Government, Global Trends 2018 (OECD)
The report is authored by the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, in partnership with the UAE’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, and is informed by a global review of ways governments are transforming their operations and improving the lives of their citizens through innovation. The review included extensive research and a global Call for Innovations crowdsourcing exercise that surfaces 276 innovative initiatives from 58 countries. The report contains in-depth case studies on 10 of these innovations to illustrate three key trends identified through the review: a focus on identity, systems approaches and enables, and inclusiveness and vulnerable populations.

Government Transformation Strategy (UK)
The strategy document is produced by the UK Government, and describes the progress already made, from simplifying the smallest transactions between the citizen and the state, to some of the largest reform programmes across the globe. The strategy outlines the direction of the total transformation of government and is ‘the most ambitious programme of change of any government anywhere in the world’.

NSW Government Commissioning and Contestability Policy
The NSW Government’s vision for commissioning and contestability is to provide a whole-of-government strategic approach to the delivery of quality services to sustainably provide improved outcomes for NSW citizens. The policy creates a clear and consistent policy direction, definition and set of principles to guide NSW Government agencies in commissioning and contestability services. It will support the sector’s capacity and capability to deliver service commissioning, with the aim to strengthen confidence in the quality of government spend on the right services.

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