Transformation Academy Program

The Australasian Transformation Academy offers a Transformation Program to participants that is designed to provide leaders and managers with responsibility for organisational or service transformation with a range of tools, frameworks and case studies which they can draw upon when designing, leading and implementing major transformation programs.

Our team has formed a view through their collective experience that the fundamental task of public services is to realise outcomes where no single body has the means, or direct control over the levers, to effect the change needed and bring the desired outcomes to fruition.

At the same time, governments around the world have increasingly redefined their role to move away from being the default providers of public services and focus on developing and regulating markets of alternative service providers. There has also been a growing shift towards personalisation, individualised funding and citizen-led commissioning of services.

These shifts have significant implications for the way public services are conceived, design and delivered now and into the future. They also require fundamentally different approaches requiring collaboration, engagement, co-production at a whole-of-system, agency, provider and participant level.

It is in this context that we work with stakeholders who are seeking a new perspective and alternative approaches to effect change and make a difference.

Our Transformation Program focuses on coaching and mentoring participants in whole of systems thinking and transformation to help them navigate complex transformation challenges. It is typically designed to run over a 6 - month period and provide participants with practical frameworks, tools, case studies, lessons learnt, coaching and support to help them plan, design and implement transformational change.


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