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The Australia and New Zealand School of Government
The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) is a leader in education and government-focused research relevant to the public sector. ANZSOG was created in 2002 by government, for government, and supports the development of better educated, informed and motivated public sector leaders. ANZSOG conducts research to address key contemporary issues in public administration, policy development and management where information is lacking.

Grattan Institute
The Grattan Institute, formed in 2008, is dedicated to developing public policy for Australia’s future. It was formed in response to a widespread view in government and business that Australia needed a non-partisan think tank providing independent, rigorous and practical solutions to some of the country’s most pressing problems. Grattan runs seven policy programs: Budgets and Tax, Energy, Health, Higher Education, Productivity Growth, School Education, and Transport and Cities. Reports, news articles and opinion pieces published by Grattan’s are all free and can be assessed online.

Analysis & Policy Observatory
The Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) is a not-for-profit, open access knowledge and evidence base on public policy and practice resources. APO was established in 2002 at Swinburne University of Technology and is a collaborative knowledge infrastructure and web platform working with organisations across Australia and New Zealand. APO is updated daily with the latest policy research and includes over 32,000 resources from over 20,000 authors, ranging from topics such as social issues, economics, education and justice.

The Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis
The Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA) at the University of Canberra was established in 2014 to harness the research strengths of the former ANZSOG Institute for Governance (ANZSIG) and the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM). The institute conducts interdisciplinary research in governance and policy analysis to deepen theory, advance knowledge and improve practice. The integration of ANZSIG and NATSEM has created opportunity for the development of research in public policy analysis through combining expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods, evaluation, micro-simulation and policy modelling. The IGPA publishes reports and articles surrounding topics such as governance, democracy, policy and the delivery a digital government.

Institute for Public Policy and Governance
The Institute for Public Policy and Governance (IPPG) at the University of Technology Sydney is a leading group of researchers and practitioners in the areas of public administration and policy, social research, stakeholder engagement, and leadership. IPPG undertakes applied social and behavioural and academic research, policy advisory, graduate education and professional development training. The institute publishes research reports and manuals for councils, government agencies and associated industry and professional bodies, and includes trans-disciplinary and comparative research about public policy and governance.

The Australia Institute
The Australia Institute is a think tank based in Canberra, and conducts research on a broad range of economic, social, transparency and environmental issues in order to inform public debate and bring greater accountability to the democratic process. The institute aims to provide intellectual and policy leadership, and frequently publishes research and opinion pieces on the economy, energy sector, environment, mining and government and accountability.

Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community
The Leap of Reason Ambassadors Community is a private community of non-profit thought leaders, leader practitioners, progressive funders and policy makers. The vision is to trigger a mind shift within a vital core of the social sector to accept that mission and performance are inextricably linked. The organisation has a focus to inspire, motivate, and support non-profit and public sector leaders to build great organisations for greater societal impact and to increase the expectation and adoption of high performance.

Institute of Public Administration Australia
The Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) is a the nationwide professional association for those involved in public administration. It is a non-profit, member-based organisation that enables people with an interest in public administration and public sector reform to exchange ideas on trends, practices and innovations. IPAA has divisions in all states and aims to promote good governance, excellence in the provision of public service and contribute to the development of public policy and management practices that will enhance the performance of the public sector. IPAA publishes the Australian Journal of Public Administration and Public Administration Today which are available to members.

Governance Institute of Australia
The Governance Institute of Australia is an independent professional association with a sole focus on whole-of-organisation governance. The institute is a professional membership association dedicated to the support and empowerment of those responsible for governance and risk management. The organisation seeks to be the leader in the promotion and application of the practice of whole-of-organisation governance to drive responsible performance, with a focus on both private and public sector.

International Websites/Organisations

Institute for Government (UK)
The Institute for Government is a think tank, with the objective of making government more effective. The institute provides research and analysis, topical commentary and public events to explore the key challenges facing government. It is a space for discussion and fresh thinking, to help senior politicians and civil servants think differently and bring about change. The website contains publications on topics such as policy making, parliament, Brexit and professional development.

Institute of Public Administration New Zealand
The Institute of Public Administration New Zealand (IPANZ) is a professional membership association, and provides seminars, training and networking opportunities to promote improvements in public sector policy and administration. IPANZ publishes best practice articles on topics such as policy, customer service, leadership and collaboration.

Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (NZ)
The Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS) is a public policy think tank at the Victoria University of Wellington, working to lift environmental, social and economic outcomes for New Zealand through research and engagement. The aim of IGPS is to deliver independent, high quality, high-impact scholarship and discussion that makes a real difference. The institutes works to improve the way policy development and implementation work is delivered, and build a bridge between the university, the political community, the public sector, civil society and business.

Institute of Public Administration Canada
The Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) is Canada’s leading professional organisation supporting excellence in the country’s public sector. The institute works closely with all levels of government to promote quality public services and practices. Since the early 1990’s, the institute has helped to export Canadian public sector expertise around the world. IPAC produces case studies, journals, books series and reports on topics including leadership, public sector innovation, digital governance and service delivery transformation.

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